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At TOPDOG Fireworks our number one goal is for you and your families to have an amazing and unforgettable experience while using our Top quality fireworks safely. To insure the safety of both the audience and those lighting the fireworks, we recommend that you read and take note of some safety tips we have listed below.

HAVE A READY SOURCE OF WATER CLOSE BY: Have an accessible fire extinguisher, water supply, hose or bucket nearby for emergencies. A connected hose is the best water source. During any fireworks shoot, there should always be one individual assigned as the fireman, whose sole job is to be alert and at the ready with a water source in case of emergencies. Having a fireman at the ready is especially important during dry conditions or when there is any dried grass or brush in any close proximity to the shooting site.

WINDY CONDITIONS: Be cautious when lighting any fireworks during strong wind conditions. Fireworks should be lit with the prevailing wind blowing away from spectators. If there is a significant wind shift while you are lighting the fireworks, rearrange the shooting site to accommodate the wind shift or stop shooting until the windy conditions subside.

USE CARE IN HANDLING FIREWORKS: Do not carry fireworks in your pocket. It is preferable to keep the products in a closed container before ignition. Always be careful in handling fireworks to prevent dropping them. Never smoke when handling fireworks.

NEVER USE THE FIREWORKS AS WEAPONS: Never aim, point, or throw any fireworks at another person or at any property.


STORE AND DISPOSE OF FIREWORKS PROPERLY: Store fireworks in a cool, dry place and always dispose of them properly. Dispose of the products by thoroughly soaking them with water, then placing them in a sealed metal trash container, and keeping the metal trash container outdoors. NEVER store spent fireworks indoors.

USE FIREWORKS OUTDOORS: Never use fireworks indoors. Only use them outdoors under safe conditions.


SPECIAL RE-LOADABLE RULES: Never use wet or damaged shell or launch tube. Insert shell all the way into the bottom of the tube, flat end down. Never force a shell into a tube. Use only one shell at a time. Wait at least 30 seconds between loading shells. Never ignite a shell outside of a launch tube. Never take the shell apart. Never relight a fuse that fails to ignite the device. After lighting the fuse, move a minimum of 20 feet from the launch tube.

PURCHASE FIREWORKS FROM RELIABLE DEALERS: Buy fireworks only from reliable, licensed consumer fireworks dealers. Licensed and reliable dealers will only carry those products that meet standards set and enforced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Do not use illegal explosives. Do not alter any firework device. Do not make your own fireworks.

WEAR SAFETY GLASSES: Safety glasses are recommended for those individuals lighting the fireworks and those individuals in close proximity of the fireworks.

BE CAREFUL WITH ANIMALS: The noise and lights of the fireworks often frighten some animals, so it is very important that you are careful with pets and farm animals. You may want to consider moving the animals away or keeping them inside during your display. Please be considerate of your pets and animals when using fireworks.


DO NOT TRANSPORT FIREWORKS ON AIRPLANES: It is a violation of federal aviation law to transport any fireworks device.